Our Solutions

With our team of experienced engineers we are able to support you from conceptual design to final installation, and all the steps in between.

Glass Design

Everything from simple storefronts and curtainwalls to the most complex glass designs. We utilize finite element modeling to analyze and optimize solutions for our clients, including:

Metal Design

We work with various metals – aluminum, cold-formed steel, stainless steel, and even atypical metals like brass and titanium.

Specialty Projects

We excel at tackling unique challenges and providing practical solutions in order to achieve the desired outcome.  Previous examples of completed specialty projects include:

Hardened Facades

Our engineered solutions can be tailored to create facades that meet your security needs.

Retrofit Solutions

A wide range of services tailored to modernizing and preserving buildings.

Cladding Design

Versatile cladding options catering to various architectural needs.

Thermal Solutions

We offer a variety of thermal modeling solutions to help our clients meet increasingly stringent thermal performance requirements for facades.

And More

We support our clients in a variety of other ways, including: