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From the most remote corners of the Earth comes the fuel that makes modern life possible.

Forty Five Ten

A unique blend of solid glass blocks with vision glass. Custom steel lintels and structural glass fins support the façade.

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Bucherer Time Machine

Bespoke glass and metal screen façade. Services included primary structural steel design to support the façade, jumbo glass design, entryway design, and cladding design.

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HALO Residences

A unique jumbo glass installation requiring an upper and a lower façade to be structurally joined while remaining thermally isolated. Large glass cantilevered fins structurally

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Constitution Square

Complete replacement of the existing lobby entrance system with a modern structurally glazed glass fin design to minimize hardware and maximize transparency.

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121 King Street

A unique re-glazing project that required significant erection engineering support for our client. Custom structures to support the necessary elevated lifting platforms, fall arrest anchors,

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60 Bloor Street West

A challenging re-skinning project that required a custom mullion system to be attached to remnants of the existing mullions to create a thermally efficient modern

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